Trusting the provider is most important when choosing where to invest your money which is why we only work with the most trusted brands in Zimbabwe.

When deciding how and where to invest your money, here are some considerations you may want to think about:

  • The return on some investments can go down as well as up – so be aware for some types of investment you may not get all your money back.
  • Some investment products are designed for the long term, so you need to be prepared to lock your money away for a longer period.
  • If you want a guarantee that you will get a return of the whole of your initial deposit, you can consider fixed term deposits which often offer a guaranteed rate of return.
Investment Products Available

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Fidelity Life

Old Mutual

Investment Products

 Pension Fund Management

 Money Market Products


Investment Products

Balanced Fund

Equity Fund

Money Market Fund

Property Fund

Diamond Retirment PlanRetirment Plan



Making an investment is a big decision, so it may well be worth taking advice before you make your final choice.

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