Funeral Insurance

We offer a range of Funeral Insurance products that are designed to help ensure that at a time of grieving, the bereaved do not also have to worry about the cost or even the organisation of the funeral.

There are two main options:
  • Cash Back Policy -Offers a cash benefit to give the surviving family the funds to arrange the funeral and other essential events such as repatriation. Some cash plans can often offer additional benefits, such as funds to cover educational costs and gives the survivors flexibility to choose their preferred ceremony at the time of the death.
  • Funeral Services Policy Offers a limited or full range of funeral services depending on your choice, of package for a fixed price. Optional benefits will include repatriation; choice of casket; covering the mortuary costs, body preparation and burial; hiring the hearse and covering the cost of the funeral gathering and refreshments.


Funeral Products Available

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Fidelity Life

Old Mutual

Zimnat Life

Funeral Plan


Funeral Cash Plan

Funeral Guardian

Funeral Individual


Funeral Plan Funeral Plan


Choosing the right option and level of cover is a very important decision and it is essential to compare both costs and the level of benefits offered before deciding which policy you wish to buy.

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